Follow Our Live Blog From The Paris Climate Talks

This is our first time live-blogging since the Durban talks in 2011, mostly because the land-use issues we focus on had advanced so much by the time we got to Qatar in 2012 that there wasn’t much of a need to focus on every twist and turn. This year, however, with land-use such a critical part of so many national climate action plans, and those plans themselves so central to the way talks are unfolding, we’re reviving the live blog to be able to respond quickly to new developments that we can then flesh out in more detail later.

Also, due to the tragic events of November 13, there may be less direct participation on the part of civil society and the private sector than we’ve had in years past. There is no way to make up for that completely, but we will at least try to keep you abreast of events both inside and outside the venue.

Steve Zwick

I edit Ecosystem Marketplace, which is a news service focused on environmental finance. With this blog, I hope to offer coverage that is a bit lighter and more holistic than what we offer on EM.

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