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Climate, Conflict, And Commodities: The Calculus Of Peace On A Changing Planet


Liberian environmentalist Silas Siakor knows all too well what can happen to a fragile nation when a dictator hijacks its commodity sector, as warlord Charles Taylor did in the 1990s – first by using slave labor and “blood diamonds” to finance a devastating civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone, and then by spreading that war…

Wrestling With Orangutans: How Private Conservation Saved The Seruyan Forest


As a former collegiate wrestler, Todd Lemons knew the look of an eager athlete ready to grapple, and these orangutans had that look in spades. He encountered them in the forest behind Orangutan Foundation International‘s (OFI) orphanage in Pangkalan Bun, on the island of Borneo. All were adolescents who had witnessed the murder of one or both of…