Recognizing that much of the damage caused by climate change cannot be reversed, adaptation is working to help people most vulnerable to climate change adapt to the Anthropocene.

Three Images That Illustrate The Challenge Of Life On A Managed Planet

The Met Office's Poster for "Human Dynamics of Climate Change"

Earlier this year, the US Climate Assessment warned of parched prairies and flaming forests if we don’t reel in climate change right now. Sixteen retired US admirals and generals then warned that droughts and other climate disruptions were about to make the world a very dangerous place. Now the United Kingdom’s weather service, the Met Office, has tried to…

Remaking The Rift Valley


Until recently, Chege Mwangi could only watch helplessly as bits of his one-acre farm – and his family’s future – washed down the steep slopes of Kenya’s Abardares Hills and into the Terasha River below. Today, however, his cabbages are bursting, his dairy cow is well-fed, and his children are in school. It’s a change that began 40 kilometers…