The End of Nature

By Bill McKibben
Bill McKibbon has been writing about the end of nature as we know it for decades, and this 1989 book is the one that led me down the path I’m non now.

“If the waves crash up against the beach, eroding dunes and destroying homes, it is not the awesome power of Mother Nature,” he writes. “It is the awesome power of Mother Nature as altered by the awesome power of man, who has overpowered in a century the processes that have been slowly evolving and changing of their own accord since the earth was born [italics mine].”

Twenty-five years later, it’s still a powerful read.

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Steve Zwick

I edit Ecosystem Marketplace, which is a news service focused on environmental finance. With this blog, I hope to offer coverage that is a bit lighter and more holistic than what we offer on EM.

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