What is “Bionic Planet”?

An introduction to Bionic Planet, the Podcast of the Anthropocene: what is it, what does it aim to achieve, and how does it relate to the Paris Climate Talks?

In this episode, we offer a brief introduction to the role of forests in the Paris Agreement and introduce basic themes that we will be revisiting in the future. A good episode for first-timers.

Other sites referenced:

  1. www.ecosystemmarketplace.com
  2. www.supply-change.org
  3. www.bionic-planet.com
  4. www.anthropozine.com

The audio snipped of Andy Karsner was recorded live in Paris as part of a roundtable discussion entitled “Private Sector and Nature”, which is also available in its entirety via the UNFCCC web site at http://unfccc6.meta-fusion.com/cop21/events/2015-12-08-15-00-roundtable-private-sector-and-nature.

Steve Zwick

I edit Ecosystem Marketplace, which is a news service focused on environmental finance. With this blog, I hope to offer coverage that is a bit lighter and more holistic than what we offer on EM.

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