Steve Zwick

Bridging The Science/Finance Divide


Investors should be mastering the implications of climate science, but most of them aren’t – in part because scientists have done a lousy job of communicating it’s certainties and uncertainties. Scientists know, for example, that the climate is changing and man is the cause, and they know that climate change will disrupt our supplies of food…

The End of Nature

End of Nature

By Bill McKibben Bill McKibbon has been writing about the end of nature as we know it for decades, and this 1989 book is the one that led me down the path I’m non now. “If the waves crash up against the beach, eroding dunes and destroying homes, it is not the awesome power of…

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure integrates human and natural systems through a network of corridors and spaces in mixed-use and urban settings. Austin takes a broad look at green infrastructure concepts, research and case studies to provide the student and professional with processes, criteria and data to support planning, design and implementation. Order on Amazon.

Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene

The challenge the Anthropocene poses is a challenge not just to national security, to food and energy markets, or to our “way of life” — though these challenges are all real, profound, and inescapable. The greatest challenge the Anthropocene poses may be to our sense of what it means to be human. A dark November…

A Simple Guide To REDD+ From The Ground Up


As REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation plus forest management) grows in complexity, the need for accessible literature is greater than ever. Unfortunately, most of the new material to emerge in the last year obfuscates and obscures this already complex mechanism – in part because each new paper tries to differentiate itself from the…