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At some point in the last few hundred years, our species pushed the thin veneer of life that coats our planet past its breaking point. It’s our mess now. We own it, and that’s the defining premise of the epoch we’re now in: the Anthropocene.

The AnthropoZine® is for people who take this as a given, and who accept that we now live on a managed planet. Others can debate whether the mess exists; we take the mess as our starting point.

You can find a more detailed summary of our philosophy in our very first post, The Global Garden, so we won’t bore you with the details here. In fact, it’s our hope not to bore you anywhere in these pages, because the period we’re in is as fascinating as it is treacherous.

Where The AnthropoZine® fits in the Anthropocene

There is no shortage of environmental news services, and we’re not here to compete with the likes of Ecosystem Marketplace, which spawned us, or GreenBiz or MongaBay, with whom we often share content. All do an excellent job of examining real-world solutions to the environmental challenges of our day, usually by focusing on specific subcategories such as finance or deforestation. There’s also no shortage of philosophical and academic journals that explicitly focus on the Anthropocine itself, including one that grabbed the name before we could get to it.

Each of these has its place, and the AnthropZine aims to act as a conduit among them and to the larger world. We are unique because we attack the practical, real-world solutions from the standpoint of a philosophical frame currently being forged in the more esoteric and scientific journals. On a concrete level, we focus on efforts to maintain our planet’s Green Infrastructure — the forests, farms, and waterbodies that keep us alive — but we do so by taking into account all of the elements that impact it: the science, the finance, and the psychology. By examining real-world solutions through the philosophical frame that says, “We broke the biosphere and now we own it”, The AnthropoZine aims to identify lasting, systemic solutions to the greatest challenge of our day: the threat to our plane’ts life support system.

Our Mission

Our mission, in short, is to support the restoration of the biosphere by examining its degradation in the context of the man-made systems that impact it. Our focus is on the interplay between economy and ecology, between ecology and psychology, and among all of these fields and the hard sciences. Our mission is to express our findings in ways that are concrete and easy to understand, and our founding principle is that we cannot return to Eden, but perhaps we can reinvent it. We recognize that there are limits to our technologies, but we also take it as a given that our planet’s living ecosystems are key to our own survival.


If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to me at SZwick@ecosystemmarketplace.com.

Steve Zwick

I edit Ecosystem Marketplace, which is a news service focused on environmental finance. With this blog, I hope to offer coverage that is a bit lighter and more holistic than what we offer on EM.

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  1. Katie D.
    February 14, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Fantastic site, Steve! I will be following along and sharing with others. Looking forward to learning, and proud of the great work you do.

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