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A Whole Earth Way Of Thinking About The Anthropocene


Before he published his first Whole Earth Catalog in 1968, Steward Brand lobbied NASA to release the first snapshots of the Earth as seen from the moon, according to Wikipedia. “He thought the image might be a powerful symbol, evoking a sense of shared destiny and adaptive strategies from people,” the entry says. The catalog provided “access to tools”,…

Anatomy Of Denial: How To Lie To Yourself And The World About Climate Science


What do you call someone who opens a blog post with a false accusation, segues into an unfounded generalization, slams credible scientists without justification, cites research out of context, and picks apart an argument no one ever made — all, apparently, to keep his fragile ideological worldview intact, even at the expense of the global economy? The Heartland Institute…

A Simple Guide To REDD+ From The Ground Up


As REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation plus forest management) grows in complexity, the need for accessible literature is greater than ever. Unfortunately, most of the new material to emerge in the last year obfuscates and obscures this already complex mechanism – in part because each new paper tries to differentiate itself from the…